Cricket Blog Links

December 18, 2021

If you have a cricket blog, and want it in this list put your blog’s address in the comments below.

And ofcourse link to me, lets have some mutual back rubbing.


well pitched – inswingers from pakistan

two cents – homer’s odyssey

third umpire – watch for the amber light

the warbling willow – listen to it sing

the village cricketer – for village people

the tcwj – soulberry’s crew

the silly points – more than one

the silly point – in close

the pitch report – no keys

the old batsman – likes it uncovered

the match referee – not chris broad

the green yonder – over

the googly – the right one

the free hit – ankit doesn’t charge

the corridor – just outside off

stump cam – stu’s views

straight points – from square of the wicket

spun out – nice flight

sport review – pissy kiwis

smart cricket talk – not silly

sledgers and sandbaggers – he does both

short of a length – but does length matter?

simply cricket – it’s that

silly m(a)idon – no maidens here

side line slogger – beige is the new beige

rousing cricket – inspiring stuff

reverse swing manifesto – the unablogger unloads

reverse sweep – gattingesque

republique cricket – suavest cricket blog ever

popping crease – back foot blogging

playing accross the line – risky lady

pie chucker – serving it up

pappus’ plane – the stats ninja

outside the line – appeal worthy

outside edge – small nicks

off the mark – virtually never dim south africans

off cutter – comes in

no ballz – the women’s cricket blog

night watch girl – hoggard style

naked cricket – nekkid

miss field – a warrioress

Mike on cricket – he is literally on cricket

mid off – ottayan’s position

martins blog – enjoy

maiden bowling – she keeps it tight

line & length – the times blog

king cricket – bulldog grit

just about anything – sach’s slag

island express – john’s say

iain o’brien’s cricket blog – the trundler speaks

i3j3 – indian fans

history of cricket – stuarts look back

good areas – banh’s areas

fly slip – deep cover from sri lanka

flintoff’s ashes – drunkard or not

eye on cricket – ny’s number one cricket blog

ed ladd – irish cricket diary

drinks break – his shout

doosra – the other one

different shades of green – lovely colours

crucket – ben gets vowel

cricville – visit it now

cricketua – take a look at cricket

crickosphere – round coverage

cricket3r – 3asy cricket feeds

cricket, a brilliant game! – exclamation!

cricket za – not that evil

cricket statistics – numbers n such

cricket rules – ok

cricket plus news – indeed

cricket n all that – a guru speaks

cricket keeper – he is behind you

cricket god – strangely its not about me

cricket funs – showbag goodies

cricket forever – a long time

cricket fizz – isaacs law

cricket files – discover the x

cricket fever – it’s live cricket

cricket fans – Icl news and views

cricket fanatic – fantastic

cricket etc – it’s written by a 12 year old girl they tell me

cricket buzz – it buzzes

cricket blog – Jc’s spin

cricket ahead – not behind

cricket action art – pretty pictures

cricket 24 x 7 – some indian flavour

cow corner – cricket agriculture

cover points – dream position

chinese cuts – not french

charlie randall – not steve

caribbean cricket – windie news

the baggy green – can’t buy, but can read this for free

buzz in cricket – hum dinger

breathing cricket – deep

bored cricket crazy indians – is there

another kind

bouncy & curvy – like kate winslet jogging

beige brigade – they wear it and live it

beer & sport – on tap

arm ball – around the wicket

are you a left arm chinaman – well are you?

all padded up – kitted and ready to go

after grog blog – a cricket blog occasionally

99.94 – above average

4th umpire – not a bad gig

4.5 inches of wood – that’s all you’ll need