WACA Drinking Game

December 21, 2021

1 finger

The words, pace, bounce, carry. (Be careful with this).

Any mention of the Fremantle doctor.

Talking about the grass banks.


Leave on length.

Don’t bowl too short.

2 fingers

Discussion of exactly how the Fremantle doctor will come in.

Gloucester park shots.

Bumble’s box.

If anyone infers that the WACA used to be quicker.

Mitch’s record here.

Gilly’s hundred in 06.

How the slips can stand further back.

Any mention of cracks.

John Inverarity and the word legend (or any similar word).

3 fingers

The phrase “value for shots”.

Ian Chappell gully field chat.

Any timezone banter.

People disagreeing that the breeze they feel is actually the Freemantle Doctor.

The first shots of the Gloucester park trotters.

Roshan Mahanama hit twice in the balls.

Mention of Thommo’s all that almost went for six byes.

If someone Indian mentions they won a Test here.

All mentions of the Swan river.

down your drinks

If they show the second XI state game where the pitch actually opened up.

Anytime someone doesn’t say WACA, but says the W A C A Ground.

Someone admitting they’re not really sure what the Fremantle doctor is, or if it even exists.

Mentions of the mining boom.

drink an entire bottle of something special

Kim Hughes crying story.