Champions and their drinks

December 21, 2021

The word champion is interesting.

Cricket had a champions trophy, but no one seemed to care at all about that.

Now it has a champions league, and not that many people seem to care about that either.

Perhaps it’s just a problem with the word champion. Or a lack of apostrophe when using the word champions.

In today’s champions league match, NSWales took on Cape.

NSWales played their cherubesque keeper Daniel Smith, who is not only a now more occasional player for NSWales, but is also a playing coach for the Sydney Thunder later this year.

He doesn’t average more than 27 in any format of cricket, yet he never stops smiling.

He’s that sort really of dude, people seem to like him, he’s better than shit, but not great, and obviously knows enough about cricket to play at first class level despite a less than athletic physique.

Today he was sent in as the number 3 for NSWales.

It was hot.

While batting he was brought out a drink.

The person who brought out that drink was the Don Bradman of tailenders, Philip Joel Hughes.

A week ago Hughes was making 120ish against Sri Lanka in a test.

Now, he brings drinks to an assistant coach of a domestic t20 in a league of champions without apostrophes.

If that doesn’t make this league a champion’s league, I just don’t know what does.