India is superpower

There are no more tracer bullets to dodge, the truth is now here.

India is superpower.

Frankly I am happy, as I have always assumed the Indian race was far superior to all other races.

All our problems are gone, let us bathe lustily in the knowledge that India owns us.

Now I can happily bow down before them and wait to meet their every command.

For too long I’ve waited for a powerful race to take over the world, and in India we have a beautiful race of people to enslave us all.

The things that I’ve always liked about our new global dictators include Sehwagology, Navjot’s mouth, Kumble’s poise, everything about Venkatapathy Raju, Bedi’s anger, MS Gony’s demeanour, VVS’s hands and every single thing about Sachin.

You see, unlike some johnny come latelys who are just professing their love for India now they know they own the world, I’ve always loved them.

I don’t have to prove my love, but if you buy a shirt as ugly as the one I wore here, it certainly means a lot.

My grovelling is pure and right.

India, in your hands the world will be shaped exactly the right way.

Your wrists will smash down that iron fist with elegance and class.

The world is yours Indian overlords, use it however you wish.

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