How Sri Lanka can win the world cup: Tie the top order to a bedpost

December 18, 2021

How Sri Lanka will win

Sri Lanka should think of South Africa to win this world cup.

Their top four are as good as South Africas, but in better form. After that is Thilan with his Gangsta limp and average of 27. Silva with his talent and lack of runs. Then the man who doesn’t exist. Mathews is the only one of these three I trust, and right behind him is the longest tail in the world.

Any team playing them has to know this and therefore early wickets are a necessity.

The reason this tail is so long is because they’re picking four top line bowlers, and with Dilshan and Mathews to back them up, they have one hell of a bowling line up.

Their strength is wicket taking. Kumar should get slightly more adventurous in the last two games with his field. Strauss, Dhoni, Ponting and Vettori have been more attacking with their fields than Kumar, and he has the bowling line up they’d all dream over.

If their top four make runs, Murali stays fit and Kumar backs his bowlers this should be the team to win the world cup. They’re like South Africa only suited to the conditions with a team who should win knock out games.

What Sri Lanka must do

Threaten to bring Jamie Siddons in as batting coach if their top order fails.

How to beat Sri Lanka

You should beg, steal or molest four wickets out of them. That is the way to keep their score down to a chaseable amount. Dilshan should be bullied. He likes to think of himself as Mr Cool, so get in his face, tell him he’s over rated, and make him think with his dick and not his bat. If he is thinking with a clear head that is not good for business.

The other three I have no idea. The best idea is if you do keep them in, that you just restrict the bad balls to them, they’re all proper batsmen and not hitters, don’t give them chances to hit easy fours while moving the ball around for a single.

When they bowl there are some things you can do. Murali is hurting, he isn’t getting through his delivery at all, and he can’t field. It’s not the worst idea to attack him when he bowls slightly more to see how he takes it, and hit every ball you can to him.

Malinga is a great death bowler, but there are ways to lessen his impact. Use the crease, bat a metre out of your ground, then a metre back, also. If he can’t find his length he gives you a lot of full tosses and half volleys. The other is through use of the powerplay. Against England he bowled his 6th over in the 37th over, then he had a rest and came back on at the 43rd. Once he is finished with 6 overs, call the powerplay. Then Kumar has to think about what to do with him, and you either get less of him in the powerplay, or less of him at the end of the innings. Either way, you win.

If you can pick Mendis, treat him like Chris Harris and starting picking out spots above the sightscreen where you want to dispatch him. If you can’t pick him, milk him until you go out.

What not to do against Sri Lanka

Let Malinga bowl when he wants to bowl.