Steve Davies comes out

December 21, 2021

I like Steven Davies square drive. It’s part of the reason I call him Steve Dave. It’s a slashy uncontrollable shot that could go anywhere. Loose and risky. He’d be better off playing it as a push or just trying to place it. For better or worse, he doesn’t, and there is something cool about that.

Now I also like that he has come out as gay. He didn’t have to, some players have hid their sexuality their whole life, and there is no reason to think Steve Dave couldn’t have done the same. Instead he’s come out, and not at the end of his career, but at 24, when his career has barely started.

I respect that.

Everyone plays it safe, and Davies had more to lose than most, so I can’t help but think this decision takes some special testicular reinforcement.

Perhaps because of people like Steve Dave one day people won’t have to come out, they’ll just roam around the world fucking whoever they want, like it should be.

I hope more cricketers follow his lead to square drive rashly and be who they are.

This is a good day for cricket.

Well played, Steve Dave.