TV ruins cricket, Ponting fights back

December 21, 2021

I think everyone would agree TV has ruined that cricket.

The UDRS, Tony Greig, Kerry Packer, Lalit Modi, tracer bullets and crappy cricket merchandise have been haunting us for years.

Without TV, cricket would be pure and right, a utopian sport of awesomeness.

With TV, cricket is a dreary repetitive whore who is always asking for money and regularly leaving you without climax or cuddles.

There is no doubt that TV is the worst thing to happen to cricket since Don Bradman.

I’ve always said it, there’s probably a facebook group about it.

You know I’m right, cricket has been ruined by the professionalism TV has brought in, our beautiful gentleman’s game has been blighted by microphones in stumps and up players.

We now hear grunts, swears and general boo boos, and he third wall has been brought down.

Cricket is now naked, in HD, standing before us, ever pore and orifice wide open, and we’re all to blame.

While I just complain about it, Ricky Ponting does something about it.

He’s not content lazily whining about TV, he’s hitting back.

While it is easy to misconstrue his attack on the TV in the changerooms as the actions of a fading superstar who no longer understands why he can’t perform the way he once did, it is actually attack on the symbolism of TV itself.

Ponting didn’t attack the TV out of frustration after a run out, he did it because of the way TV has ruined our great game.

So instead of taking the piss out of Ponting, we should all thank him as he has launched the first attack on this beast that has spent years greedily sucking on the wonderful teat of our great game.

Support Ponting, smash your TV with a cricket bat.

Fight the power button.