What’s wrong with Australia

December 21, 2021

There is a great blog that doesn’t get updated as much as it used to, but when I think of my favourite cricket writers I think of Stuart from History of Cricket.

Quite often when I’m on a podcast or doing test match sofa I’ll use a story and when I think about it I’ve heard it first on History of Cricket.

After the Ashes he wrote a piece on what is wrong with Australian cricket.

After the Ashes the last thing I wanted to do was read what someone else had written about a series and system I had just lived, plus I had a book to write.

The history of cricket tab remained open because I knew I would get to it eventually.

Last night I read it, and while it is far from a complete history of the recent Australian fuck ups (Stuart probably doesn’t have time for that), it is a thorough examination of what is wrong from every level of Australian cricket.

I don’t agree with all of it, but I agree with it more than I would with almost anything else and I don’t think you’ll get many better researched or clearer written pieces on how Australia went wrong. I don’t care who writes it.

My favourite section is on the fans:

It was amusing to read comments from current and former players, as well as support staff and Cricket Australia, criticizing the fans’ reaction to Australia’s poor performances. Evidently, the fans are meant to never voice their disapproval when things are going wrong. Instead, they are just meant to blindly support the national side, regardless of how they are going. While supporters should remain loyal to their side, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t recognise obvious problems. True supporters of Australian cricket need to make sure that they continue to loudly voice their disapproval of the current system that needs overhauling. Otherwise, no changes will be made, the slide down the rankings will continue, and Cricket Australia will ultimately face ever more problems in attracting the ‘fair weather fans’ away from the rival football codes.

Stuart covers the media, players, coaching, CA and selectors. Unlike me he never gets angry or pissy, and never makes cheap jokes about Michael Beer getting picked from a bus station.

If you’re interested in Australian cricket, I’d suggest it is a must read.