Fixing twitter

December 21, 2021

Recently someone complained about my treatment of an Australian captain, I can’t remember which captain, either the hairy armed one or the former Bingle one.

They said I didn’t deserve to be on twitter.

Luckily Twitter’s morality rules didn’t find me in violation, and I was allowed to stay on their putting out more of my anti Australian captain bile.

Now twitter has a new person on it, and some might find him in violation of twitter’s morality code (the spirit of twitter?) but there he is, tweeting and being followed by very few.

Mazeer Majeed.

For those not on twitter, you won’t know just how hard it is to tell a fake account from a real one.

I use the bring test, if the twitter profile is boring and says nothing at all, then you just assume it is real.

So this account throws me a bit.

Of the 9 or so tweets he has put up, 8 of them are boring. They seem very real.

Then there is this one.

“Afridi cannot be captain! doesn’t know how to speak to players and totally arrogant! All of the players hate him and he is totally overrated”

The genius in this quote is on Johnny Cash’s level.

If it’s faked, then it’s perfectly sandwiched between boring tweets to make it look more real. If it’s real, then wow, this guy is cruising for a beat down the world has never seen. If I was him I’d pretend cricket never existed and if I saw a small bug that was chirping I’d call it a small big that was chirping and just walk away. Mentioning the captaincy is like asking all the pakistanis of the world to Hot Karl him at once.

Even if it is fake, I might stay with it, just to see how angry everyone else gets at him.

That the man is a cuntard fuck of the most grandma felching level is beyond doubt, but if this is a real account then his profile bio is some piece of work,

“I own Croydon Athletic Football Club and was the manager of many International Cricket Players until……”

Until….. I was caught with my head up my own ass licking my prostrate as I told someone enough information to fuck up my life?