Previously at the G

Previously at the G

December 22, 2021


Were 10 Peter Siddle’s short of a cricket team.


Batted like the word declaration had never been invented. Hopefully that word has been by tomorrow.

Are the ashes won?

Sure, why not.

Play of the day

Anything Ricky Ponting did. Everything Ricky Ponting did. He was just on fire, bowling Clarke and his dodgy back while Smith and Watson watched on, his chats with umpires and batsmen, his slow cool walk in for a run out that wasn’t to be. And just being Ricky Ponting.

Testicular moment of the day

Ranjan Madugalle’s effort to give Ponting a 40% fine for stopping the game for let’s say 5 minutes, while he complained about a 3rd umpire decision that he thought he saw better from the centre of the MCG than one of the world’s best umpires sitting right in front of a screen. Why even fine him, why not just apologise to him for the whole situation. Make Erasmus come in and grovel before him. Give him more money. Find him a good bar. Go out on the bay, catch some fish, scale them, cook them in a garlic and lemon sauce, put them on a naked woman and have them delivered to his room.

Working class moment of the day

Trott plays off his pads well.

Weird factoid of the day

Jonathan Trott is the best invisible batsmen of all time.