Dizzy’s statue out bowls Australia

December 21, 2021

Today the Jason Dizzy Gillespie statue was unveiled in the Adelaide Oval members.

Considering Dizzy’s hair and general aura, it seems weird that he would get a statue in the Member’s area instead of the outer.

The problem for Australia is that Dizzy’s statue, capturing him just moments after delivery, was the best bowling seen at the ground all day, by some way.

The reason being that Ponting had little to do with the statue.

If he was in charge of it, it would have been instructed to bounce players out with a short legside boundary, or bowl so wide that the stumps are no more than a serving suggestion.

The statue’s output was not sullied by a great batting pitch, or even a extremely in form English batting line up and the hostile crowd never seemed to annoy it.

It just stood there, and that was far better than anything any of Australia’s front line bowlers did.

Fans of the statue claim that it keeps the runs down, while critics point to it’s lack of wickets.

Either way, everyone had to admit that the statue definitely looked like a bowler, while most people couldn’t decide who in the Australian attack looked like one.

The statue declined to comment on rumours it has been asked about fitness for Perth.