Australia get run over

December 21, 2021

If you make 245 on the first day of the test, it’s generally under par.

In Adelaide not getting to 500 is generally under par. As bad as some of the batting was, it was the two run outs that made the day.

Watson did what a million kids have done in junior cricket, think they may might be out, and just start running. Katich was never going to make it. His one chance would have been referring the LBW decision. Not that Katich would do that, he just turned and did a military march to the dressing room. If it had been Watson dismissed without facing a ball, he would have at least thought about it.

Then Doherty’s run out. A good piece of fielding followed by a throw to the short leg who never got out the way, with a rugby pass to the keeper. It was a mistake by England, that never really mattered because Austrasia’s mistake was that Doherty just never moved on Haddin’s call. If he moved straight away he would have been safe, but instead it was confusion, madness and another wicket.

It was a bit like the decision to drop Hilfenhaus. He got as many wickets as Broad at the Gabba, has been the most dependable bowler in the side since the Ashes in 09, and was dropped seemingly because they couldn’t just drop Johnson. It was a special kind of panic.

Hilditch’s early morning perambulations around the ground have done nothing to calm him down. That is if Greg Chappell lets him talk in the meetings. He probably just throws pastries at him when he tries to make a point.

Anderson isn’t throwing pastries at the moment. If he did, he would hit the target.