Siddle goes to disneyland

December 21, 2021

Siddle goes to Disneyland

After the 2009 Ashes, Siddle and his lady went to Eurodisney.

Now the closest I’ve been to visiting Eurodisney is the simpson’s episode where they show Euro Itchy and Scratchyland. I can only assume it is some weird not quite right version of Disney that people generally avoid.

When you lose an Ashes, it is the sort of place you go to.

Siddle hasn’t won this Ashes for Australia, he may not have even won this test, but he sure as shit deserves something better than Eurodisney next trip. Disney World at least.

Today he was definitely riding the magic mountain, butt fucking Mickey and kicking the frozen head of Walt around.

All week people have been asking me why Siddle has been picked. They’ve told me all the different ways he is rubbish.

They probably won’t say that now.

They’ll use my Sizzle nickname.

They’ll offer him their daughters.

They’ll make him trend on twitter.

They’ll bow down before him and pledge their allegiance to the peoples democratic republic of Victoria.

That’s what days like today do to test players. They turn them from one of the players everyone takes the piss out of, to the one little boys pretend to be.

It’s easy for a kid to pretend to be Siddle, they just need run face first into a wall for a while, put a permanent smimace (smile grimace) and try as hard as they can.

I’ve always liked Siddle because of his Victorianess, his heart and the fact that he takes his wickets bunched together, now I like him more because he took a hat trick and a 7 wicket haul (I refuse to take a wicket off him cause Haddin can’t catch) in the first test of an Ashes.

I am wearing my collar up in honour of the great man.