Surprisingly, india is better than australia

December 21, 2021

Australia ranked 4/5 in the world, lose to India who are ranked number 1.

It’s not that odd.

Sure it is the first time Australia has lost 3 tests on the trot in over 20 years.

And also the first time they have been clean swept in a series, if this is a series, in even longer.

What is odd is that Australia ever got in positions to win on the last day.

Other things happened, but they can be overlooked or covered in a line.

Nathan Hauritz struggled against the best players of spin in the world.

Both captains seemed to be phoning it in with decisions.

Ponting couldn’t make a hundred.

Tendulkar, Watson and North all proved they were the world’s best batsmen.

George looked really awkward, but not to face.

Sharma can bat, but not really bowl.

Che was revolutionary.

Michael Clarke didn’t tour.

Vijay made people talk about stereotypes.

North is the most backable batsman ever.

VVS is still pretty handy.

Douggie lost a game for Australia when his tummy was sore.

The world’s greatest commentary teaming was found, Hogg and Laxman.

Sure it was only two tests, but it did save Australia from losing 3 nil.

With no Victorians in the side Australia were always going to struggle.

India are still pretty good, but still far from great.

I’ll be looking forward to sleeping normal hours.

Sehwagology saves.