Nathan Hauritz must be banned from test cricket

December 21, 2021

During the last day’s play Nathan Hauritz committed cricket’s ultimate sin, chucking.

It was an obvious chuck as he tried desperately to get Australia back in the game.

The ball was the 15degree testing doosra.

The one cricket delivery that gets people bowling topless in Perth with white patches on their chest more than any other.

While some bowlers bowl this ball in such a way that it defeats the batsman, Hauritz’s versions just sort of limped down the wicket and it looked like Sachin knew he was bowling it before he did.

I noticed the doosra before the ball landed, I noticed it because Hauritz clearly changed his action and threw the ball.

Next to me was the bear from test match sofa, who also called the chuck, and then the doosra. On twitter it seemed that only a handful of people mentioned it. Google news also has no news of it.

Somehow this doosra has been lost while the media talked about Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting fighting over Hauritz’s stupid field placements.

This could be a conspiracy to cover up a doosra, or just star power overshadowing what to some people might be a fairly uneventful moment in cricket.

This is eventful, majorly eventful. An Australian is bowling a delivery that Australian’s believe is a chuck.

He is also bowling it in a way that makes it look even more like a chuck that it usually does.

So there is only one thing to do, Cricket Australia must take Nathan Hauritz out of test cricket.

No testing, no remodelling of actions, no ban on bowling a doosra, Australia needs to get old school on this.

They need to treat Hauritz the same way two Victorians were once treated, by taking them out of cricket straight away without any sort of fair hearing.

The Meckiff/Corbett rule should be used so that all we have is some backroom whispers and then lack of Hauritz name on the team sheet.

It should happen just that quick and quietly, like a 1950s hit.

As Australians we take chucking very seriously, and if this means getting rid of our first choice spinner, well that is just the decision we will have to make to keep our integrity.

Sorry, Nathan, but you must go for the greater good. As much as it pains me.