Previously at bangalore

December 21, 2021


Had a perfectly respectable day of test cricket where none of their players made hundreds and they battled the urge to collapse at all times. Peter George has skinny arms.


Decided that fielding was optional early on. Never bowled truly bad, but made up for that in the field. Hung around while Australia made about 5 mistakes.

Who’s in front

Oh, it’s a classic day of test cricket where no one is in front and people who don’t understand cricket get angry.

Play of the day

No one has ever confused Zaheer Khan with Jonty Rhodes. One is an Asian man with massive shoulders and the other looks like what would be called in the gay community a twinkie. Today, Zaheer pushed them further apart when he “tried” to field a ball that Ricky Ponting skied. While most players would have got close enough to it for it to be called a chance, or even taken it, Zaheer had other ideas. He sort of stumbled in the direction of the ball without purpose, losing his hat even though he didn’t seem to be moving that fast, suddenly put out a hand for no real reason as the ball was a fair distance from him, letting the ball bounce and then turned as slow as any boat in history to jog slowly to the ball that was travelling into the rope at the alarming rate of one inch per ten seconds, amazingly the ball still won. Yes that was a long sentence, but only because I tried to recall the incident in real time.

Testicular moment of the day

The Bangalore crowd. Indians keep telling me that they don’t need crowds for test cricket to survive in India, but isn’t it more fun when they turn up? They booed Ricky, cheered their team on and gave the ground an atmosphere. If the major cities of India are the grounds where test cricket will get crowds, why bother playing tests at venues that people don’t go to?

Working class moment of the day

There is no secret that Ricky Ponting doesn’t score much in India. It could be that coming from a small country town he is not used to lots of people and when he gets to India he has a constant case of Enochlophobia. Or something boring like the pitches not suiting him. Either way, for the second time in this series he has looked in control of his game enough to cruise to a test hundred, only to do something stupid. You could argue that it was an average decision by Billy, but if you made an argument like that for every Billy average decision you’d be really tired.

Weird factoid of the day

If you put Che Pujara’s nose and Peter George’s ears on a potato you’d have one fucked up looking Mr Potato Head.