Andrew Strauss roars, sort of

December 21, 2021

We’ve had the Australian Ashes ad, with Mitchell as one of the all time best and Keith Miller wrongly omitted.

Now the English are getting in on it with an ad made by Sky.

What Works:

The costumes are not cheap plastic costumes like Strauss wore for some other ad. The medieval helmet and pads are cool, I want some.

Paul Collingwood does actually look like he could star in a b grade green screen sand and sandal epic. Not a speaking part, but just the nuggety looking dude in the back ground who gets shit done, but dies early in the third act.

The lion. Who ever said, let’s get a lion, I like the person, although it would have worked better with Graeme Swann leaning on it eating some bread.

The MCG, if there was ever a place that English cricketers were thrown to the lions.

It’s very camp, and that works in a unintentional comedic way.

What doesn’t:

Ian Botham. He might seem himself as Oliver Reed, but most of us see him as more Benny Hill these days. He can’t pull off this speech, and I still have no idea what he is saying.

The goofy shot at the end, Stuart Broad looks like the Jonas Brothers have come on stage, Swann and Colly look like they are reacting to someone say, “come on boys, sly smirk time”. Why use a facial expression that none of these guys would ever use out on the ground, and also change it from the tough guy facade from earlier. It goes from trying to be a cool guy Ashes ad, to an ad for preperation H (Can you tell which one of these guys had hemorrhoids?).

Why does Strauss wear a helmet at the end, it makes no sense. He has no gloves with him, so wearing a helmet is just wrong. Plus, why would he be out on the field staring at the stands with two bowlers and a batsman, while wearing a helmet. Also you can’t see his face, why would you hide the face of the captain? Why, just, why?

Fat man in the corner playing drums, really?

It’s very camp, and that doesn’t work for the general mood of the piece.

The editing seems rushed, in these sort of camp macho scenes (every man has seen thousands of them) the manly tightening of a strap or the slashing of a sword (bat in this case) is done in almost super slow motion, you linger on it, you can feel the metal, the leather, it tightens around you and you get this “lets go to battle” buzz, this one feels more like, lets dress up and listen to the old fart before we get our golf game in.

Stuart Broad, gladiator?

Of these three men, surely only Colly should have been made to roar, Strauss sounds like a guy angry someone has scratched his rolls royce.

Which is better:

Got give it to the Aussies, and by that I mean Cricket Australia, and not the Sky one which is technically owned by an Aussie.

The Cricket Australia one is just more crickety. The pacing is perfect, it makes you want to start the match as the bowlers come in. Sure it has it’s problems (yes, I mean KEITH MILLER not being in it), but it has cricket in it, and not just Strauss and Swann waving bats around like they are auditioning for star wars the musical. The average CG and camp costumes cancel each other out. Both have terrible commentators that balance each other out. I watched them both back to back, and even Botham is way less annoying in the aussie one. Although, both could do with 100% less Ian Botham.

The aussie one just feels better, like cricket is cool, not that cricket has to play dress ups to feel cool. Although, a lion fighting a kangaroo in the Aussie one would have been a nice touch.

First seen over at the reverse sweep.