Bowden’s late no ball call in pictures

December 21, 2021

“Very interesting call that one. The thing is we’re not out there, it’s a very quick motion of that front leg going through”.

Some aussie commentator on Nimbus.

While the foot going through the crease was quick, Billy’s decision was not.

Let’s look at what we know.

Sharma hit Kaitch what looked like inline with the stumps.

Billy seemed to be contemplating the decision or giving no decision or call whatsoever.

Then Billy signalled the no ball.

The no ball call was shown to be incorrect.

The LBW was not out according to hawkeye.

This is the ball hitting the pad at 3:04.

At 3:06 Billy still doesn’t have his arm out and Sharma is looking straight at him still appealing.

At 3:07 Ishant gets a close up.

In the last frames of 3:07 Nimbus show us Billy’s arm.

This is far from conclusive evidence.

And it also may not prove anything other than a no ball was called incorrectly very late.

But, it should be looked into. Isn’t that what Chris Broad is paid to do.

If you watch the full video there is no audible no ball call that I can hear. Although I am almost deaf from turning this up as loud as I could and watching it a bunch of times.

In fact, when watching the video, it looks like he says either no ball or not out as the shot of his arm is showing, which is 3 to 4 seconds after the ball hits Katich.

Nimbus cutting to Sharma robs us of the exact time Billy’s arm went out, but it seems weird that you would wait at least the 2 seconds before calling a no ball.

Add to that the fact that Shamra’s foot landed comfortably behind the line and you have to wonder…

Was this a late call because Billy got caught up in the game.


Did he panic and call a no ball because he didn’t want to give a decision.


Billy just randomly makes gestures hoping people laugh.

Ms Dhoni didn’t seem to be laughing when chatting to Billy at the end of the over.