The Oldest Dismissal

December 22, 2021

I went to Lord’s yesterday. Ostensibly, it was for a business trip, but as a part of it, it was necessary to visit the Media Centre.

As I sat there, marvelling at how, without Jrod, the place seemed bigger, quieter and less full of expletives, some cricket went on far below us. Middlesex were playing Leicestershire and Matthew Hoggard (remember him?) was having a field day.

The last of his six wickets saw Shaun Udal tamely spoon a ball to point, where Paul Nixon caught it easily.

That’s Udal (aged 41 years 144 days) c Nixon (39 years 292 days) b Hoggard (33 years 221 days) 0

Without getting an actual corpse to stand at the crease, could you get an older dismissal than that one?