Bad Benn for LIfe

December 21, 2021

You’ve got to admire Sulieman Benn. Well I do.

Some people get in trouble, like say a Pub Brawl in Sydney, and then they fix all their problems, get on the straight and narrow and eventually become captains of their side.

Benn seems hell bent on never going straight.

He may not even be capable of it.

No player has the ability to get himself into his shit without drinking, drugging or womaning like Benn.

I wrote this for cricinfo a couple of days back:

“No one can annoy like Benn. Batsmen, umpires and his own captain are the usual subjects. In the history of cricket there have been few players who can get under the skin of players on both sides so brilliantly. But this is a skill. Skills need time, patience and hard work. While being the annoying spinner can work – Paul Harris has made a career from it – Benn can actually bowl. If he spent all the time he usually uses on annoying people on bowling, wow, the man could be a cult hero spin-bowling god, the Manute Bol of finger spin. And he wouldn’t get sent off the field by his captain as much.”

His career highlights so far:

At least two tripping incidents.

Mouthing off to every opposition player.

Mouthing off to most players on his own team.

Getting in scrapes with Johnson and Haddin that lead to a suspension.

Being thrown off the field by his own captain.

And getting spat at by Dale Steyn.

That is not bad for a guy who has played 50 international matches.

Nathan Hauritz played that many before anyone knew he was alive.

Now Benn has been suspended again.

This time for going into the South African changeroom to continue the fight he had been having with Steyn throughout the whole game that Steyn tried to end with the spit.

He has stayed true to himself.

I have nothing but admiration for the man.