Manoj Tiwary’s come back

December 18, 2021

On Sunday I went down to the Whitgift school to watch India A take on West Indies A.

Whitgift is one of those rich ass English public school that has co much money they now host cricket matches as well.

There were only a few hundred people there, mainly London based Indians or Windians.

Where I was sitting there was about 14 people, and one of them was this old Indian cunt.

I say that, because he is the sort of fan who just fucking whinges.

He was talking about how the team was useless, how it was playing shit, how they should be attacking more, all that sort of crap to anyone who would listen.

It was boring, repetitive and mostly fucken wrong.

If the other end of the ground was open I would have carried my little plastic chair down there.

Eventually we had Manoj Tiwary fielding down in front of us.

He seemed like an ok guy to me, he told me who the bowler was after the announcer mumbled through it, signed autographs, and didn’t come across as a dick.

But our friend, the cunt, decided that he must still be a dick and said, “Why are you boys so poor, what is wrong with you?”

Had I been Tiwary I might have been tempted to turn around and say, “Listen here you poor excuse for a cumstaim, what the fuck have you ever done in your pathetic existence. Talk to me again and I’ll beat the hate out of you”.

Tiwary didn’t say that.

He said, “Actually we made 543, and some people think that is pretty good”.

I swear the guy didn’t even reply.

For the first time this angry pissy bloke didn’t have a thing to say, he just sat there like a child who been schooled by a sarcastic teacher.

It was great.

Because of this one comment I have become a Tiwary fan.