Tamim Iqbal – batting psycho

December 21, 2021

I loved Tamim before today.

But today has made me a stalker.

That wasn’t an innings that was a masterclass in mentalness.

It was miss or boundary.

There is something not quite right in the head of Tamim. But if anyone ever tries to fix it I shall beat them the way he beats balls wide of off stump.

My favourite moments with him aren’t when he plays an amazing pull or cut shot, it is when his adrenaline is pumping and he cannot physically contain himself.

You can see him twitching. With one good shot he suddenly feels invincible and then when he gets length balls he plays shots number 10s would be embarrassed to play.

My favourite is his forced on the up slog drives. Sometimes with one hand on the bat, sometimes with the bat rotating around his hands, but never with control or skill.

That is when I swoon.

Because the man can almost do anything with the bat in his hand, but the mentalness takes over and he creates something else. Something disgusting, something stupid, something gloriously fucked up, and that is where the genius is, in the fucked up.

You are watching a batting pyshco, someone who will lift a fast bowler from outside offs tump over mid on’s head for a test century.

He gets the rage, and the ball must go. By any means necessary.

It is a sickness, I am surer there are termites crawling under his skin when he is at the crease, and I love every minute of it.

Tamim is tearing test cricket apart this year, in a side that hardly deserves to be in it. India, England and New Zealand have had to deal with this man.

You can set up a plan to beat him, but you might lose a few men in the chase.

We have a new prophet of Sehwagology.