The World T20 thingy (chapter 3)

December 21, 2021

New Zealand

Every world tournament means one thing, ignoring New Zealand’s chances of winning the tournament.

Can New Zealand make the semi finals?

It is their rightful place in world tournaments, so I can only hope so. A team with Dictator Dan, Prince Brendon, Ross Taylor, Jesse Ryder and Shane Bond should do some damage along the way. Dan thinks they can win, and I’ve never had much luck arguing with people in beards.

Players to watch or not

Jesse is back. So is Aaron Redmond.

It should also be mentioned that Rob Nichol has been picked, and from the pic on cricinfo he looks like he is trying to out “metal” Ryan Sidebottom. I’ve never seen him play, or rock out.


They won this tournament 15 minutes ago. Since then the PCB has had some of the greatest hissy fits ever. I am now not even sure if they have 20 players to choose from. Shahid is captain. Nothing can go wrong there.

Can they go back to back?

This is Pakistan, so any real assumption of how they will go should be ignored due to the fact that no one really knows what they will do, least of all them. But I can’t see them winning this time. Shahid is their inspiration, but he does his best as a free spirit roaming the field of play, not as the man you look up to for steely eyed guidance.

Players to watch for or not

Abdul Razzaq is playing so you can marvel at this amazing specimen; he will be the first 50 year old cricketer to play back to back World T20s.

Umar Akmal should be good for youthful aggression and all the hijinks that come from it.

South Africa

This is an international tournament, so they are massive underdogs already. This time they come in with their key T20 weapon as Jacques Kallis. Wow.

Can they win?

Would have to fix a few key problems like the injury to Smith, and the form of Gibbs, Duminy, and Ab DeVilliers. In some ways Bangladesh look like they have a better batting line up when form is mentioned. They still have Morne and Steyn, but hard to see how they could win the tournament coming in with this limping side and that huge ICC sanctioned monkey resting on their shoulders.

Players to watch or not

Juan Theron sounds like he should be staging a coup in Chile. Bowls slow, but good slow, like Chaminda Vaas, except right handed, and less cute.

Loots Bosman was brought into international cricket for the headlines, “England find out who the Bosman is”. Alastair Cook is not a fan.