Wisden gets sweary and I am so proud

December 21, 2021

Months ago I sent in my pieces for the Wisden Almanack. It was so long ago I sort of forgot about it.

Id’ first been asked to write about blogs, and then shortly after they requested a piece on twitter.

At the time the major twitter stories were Tim Bresnan and Phil Hughes.

So I quoted Tim Bresnan for the piece.

Obviously his quote has swear words in it, and I didn’t **** because I am not a sub editor.

At the time I probably never truly thought about swearing, because I don’t think about swearing, like most people, I just swear.

My writing swears because I do, I don’t do it for shock value, or because I think it’s cool, I just swear.

But I never thought about what Wisden would do with Bresnan’s potty mouth.

Turns out, they didn’t ****, they just kept it as is.

So on page 1628 there is the word “fuck”, the first ever Wisden approved Fuck according to the Telegraph.

I haven’t gone back the Wisden catalogue to check if fuck has somehow slipped its head into a piece before, but I am more than happy to believe the Telegraph as their readers and writers probably know all previous Wisdens off by heart.

I’ve never owned a Wisden, but I have slipped a fuck in one.

Today is a good day, my fucken friends.

I am so excited that I will use this post to tell you that I am taking a week off, see you next week.