The Ijaz Butt Plug

December 21, 2021

The Ijaz Butt Plug is from the latest Pakistan Premium Silicone collection from the PCB.

With its ultra smooth, almost metallic finish, this Ijaz Butt Plug is made from 100% of the highest quality Pakistan cricket administrator.

The smooth and graduated shaft of this classic shaped Anal Butt Plug has been honed for 76 years and is soft to the touch and becomes extremely slippery when lubricated.

Its sparkling finish and combined to the fact that the Ijaz Butt Plug is both hypoallergenic and phthalate free makes for unpredictable anal fun!

The Ijaz Butt Plug is also firm, yet flexible and increases the pain the longer you use it.

Each of the Pakistan Silicone products certainly stands out from the crowd and we guarantee that nothing will fuck you harder than this item.

Not for children.

Size / Dimensions : 25 inches x 66 inches