The Omega Steyn

December 18, 2021

“Hello, little boy. So you think you are better than me, than me, DALE WILLEM STEYN. I would laugh if I wasn’t ripping your limbs off. You should thank your lucky stars they even let the likes of you on the same turfed surface as me. Just looking at your pathetic faces makes me want to hurt you. Every single fibre of your being disgusts me. It is hard for me even to think of you existing without tasting the bile in my throat. I am number one. Number ONE. There is no one else on the planet who can do this, just me. Bow, fucken bow you little tiny insignificant bitch. Lick my toes, grovel, GROVEL HARDER. You are nothing; I am everything. You should thank your God that you were even allowed to be destroyed by me. Tonight when you try and sleep I want you to know I am over your bed, mocking you, whispering a story into your ear, the story of how I finished you. Vengeance, thy name is Steyn. You are my victim, a virginal sacrifice before my godly alter. No man, or Gods, can defeat me when I thrash out my weapons of war. The world is mine, I own it, you aren’t good enough to be stuck on my shoe. There are two kinds of people in this world, me, and those who aren’t me. Can you feel me, I am the hot air on your neck, the monster in your wardrobe, the creak in the other room, when you wake up and feel like someone is in the room, that is me, I’m always there. You ain’t ever going to beat me, just give up. You couldn’t dream up a nightmare as bad as I am. There is no chance your woman will ever look at you the same way now, because I have cukcholded your soul. This will be the story you’re too embarrassed to tell your kids. Today you went up against an unbeatable force, a monumental monolith, and all you could do was struggle out one breath as a time as it took you apart. You are an insignificant piece of dirt and I wiped you on the cricket annals door mat. One day you will think you are over this, you will be hanging with friends, maybe enjoying a beer and some fishing, but then the fear, the soul destroying fear, will smash down on you, and your friends won’t know why you are frozen still. In what world would an ant like you kill a lion like me? Turn your head; you aren’t good enough to even look in my general direction. I have smited you from the earth; there is only crumbs left. There is only one, his name is DALE WILLEM STEYN and he is NUMBER ONE. Alpha, Omega, STEYN.”

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