Rizwan Cheema Canucks them

December 21, 2021

I was having a look at the list of potential IPL players for the next object and there was only one that stuck out, that of the super slogging Canadian Rizwan Cheema.

In the last little while there has been a some buzz about him, mostly because he hits the ball like it slept with his sister.

Luckily the fine non-Arquette like Canadian Cricket site hooked me up with the good shit.

Sure he plays across the line and he has a touch of wild slogger about him, but I am willing to say he is the best thing to happen to Canada since Degrassi Junior high, or the dude in our polls.

Ryan Ten Inches from the Netherlands was also nominated.

The IPL is doing for minnow cricket what the NBA did for Asian basketball and might do more than the ICC ever has.