Does anyone like Shane Watson?

December 21, 2021

While I was on test match sofa the suave one suggested that we play a game called come die with me. The idea being that you pick five people to come to your house so you can kill them.

Even though England were playing South Africa, Shane Watson seemed to make a few appearances.

Then I turn on the telly to watch Pakistan beat Australia and Watson is apologising to Asif for sledging him.

A quick search of twitter had many mentions of Watson as a dick, twat or idiot.

It seems that whether he does anything (which he often does) or whether he is just being himself, he just pisses people off.

Recently a Uncle Rupert publication said that Watson was easy to unlike because he was a good looking athletic talented blonde guy, and people hate.

That completely overlooks the fact that Brett Lee can be described the same way and few people hate him, even if they don’t think he is a good fast bowler.

Watson just has the cunt (or cuntox) x factor.

No matter what he does, he seems to piss someone off.

That is a special skill.

Some people may want Watson to stop pissing people off, but what fun would that be?

Watson should stay true to his natural self.

Even if that means people want to kill him in a hypothetical game, or if they think he is twat.