December 18, 2021

This is the text I have used on the FREE SULIEMAN BENN petition.

Dear ICC,

Your decision to incarcerate Sulieman Benn is rubbish.


Cricket is a game with passion; yesterday was a perfect example of it. Had Benn thrown the ball at Haddin’s face and started smacking Johnson around the head, bans would have been justified, but what was he actually banned for.

An ugly accidental incident?

Benn bumped into Johnson by accident, Johnson pushed at Benn because someone had bumped into him, and Benn pushed back because someone was pushing him.

Was it heated, yes.

Was it unnecessary, perhaps.

Was it badly officiated, absolutely.

Was it a confrontation between passionate test cricketers who were in the heat of battle trying to win a game for the country, oh yes.

So why penalize anyone?

No one got hurt, no one instigated contact, no one ruined cricket’s precious little image.

If anything, incidents like this prove that professional cricketers are not robots, that winning matters to them. They aren’t just billboards waiting for a beer company to put another stamp on.

Benn is a fiery guy, which is why I like him, and in the future he will get suspended again for doing something wrong, but this is not the time.

This is a miscarriage of justice, and Benn must be freed.

If the ICC believes that someone must be banned for all this “ugliness”, they can ban Chris “spirit of cricket” Broad or Billy “lover, not a fighter” Bowden, I doubt there will be many tears for them.