Team nash cannot save you

December 21, 2021

Something wonderful happened on the third day of the Australia West Indies test, Sky lost access to the Channel 9 commentary.

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, the stump mic was left on, and it happened to be at the best time ever, with Hauritz bowling to Nash with everyone around the bat.

It was only a few balls, but it was my dream come true.

One day I hope to infiltrate cricket so much that the broadcasters let me sit down and just listen to the stump mic.

I want to know what is said out there. Every boring word.

Nash is the sort of guy that would get sledged. He has that sort of victim look about his batting, doesn’t score quickly, always looks nervous, and isn’t about to hit a huge six to shut anyone up.

So it will surprise no one that the Australians got into him.

Most of the guys probably sledged him (if they noticed him), when he was a shield player, but now he sticks out like dog’s balls and the aussies were never going to let him go.

The sledging was not great, it was just about how nervous he was, how unsure he looked, some gentle questions about his demeanour, all that seemed to come from Haddin.

And Haddin also seemed to laugh at him when he left a short shit one which he should have put away.

It was just great to be that up close and personal.

I love hearing talk, even civil chat and shared jokes.

It felt so much more personal, and putting Haddin’s talk with Nash’s batting made the picture so much fuller.

I did feel let down when “Team Nash” wasn’t mentioned, but perhaps Haddin didn’t know about them.

Later on, when the product placement advertising came back on, they just paused for one moment from talking about Mark’s awkward friend Mick and the final of Australia’s funniest home videos for you to hear an Australian call Sulieman Benn a fucken lucky cunt.

It made me smile.