Redmond lets down everyone

December 21, 2021

Cricket has a filthy new word.

One that only some slick suited cricket administracrat could have come up with.

I blame James Sutherland, but I blame James Sutherland for most things.

The filthy fucken phrase is Stakeholder (sometimes shareholder).

Just typing it makes me feel like i just fisted a banker.

It refers to you and me, players, administracrats, officials, and anyone who likes cricket from what i can tell.

But it shouldn’t, because it is fucken stupid.

Stakeholder, for those lucky enough to not know, means people with an interest in the game, in general it is a financial term, but thanks to the suits it has seeped its way into sports.

I am not a cricket stakeholder, I am a cricket fan, a cricket writer, a cricket blogger, a cricket sado-masochist.

So when Aaron Redmond, assisted by Neil Broom, was outed for getting drunk before a game then giving money away to Indians living on the street, he apologised to everyone for his actions.

Instead of saying I am sorry to the NZC, the blackcaps, and i don’t know, children who wear his number on their back, he just said stakeholders.

“We also wish to apologise to other stakeholders in the game including the fans for our inappropriate behaviour while on tour,”

And from that moment on it was pretty fucken obvious he hadn’t written the apology, rendering it invalid.

When you are contractually obliged to apologise, it doesn’t mean much, but then using a wanky phrase that has been written by someone else, what is the point.

Bloody James Sutherland.