Nimbus TV with help from Michael Kasprowicz laugh at Adolf Hitler

December 21, 2021

Well done Nimbus.

For giving us the gift on some Indian fucktard who is carrying on like a wanker while wearing an Adolf Hitler mask.

Well done Michael Kasprowicz.

For not pointing out that it wasn’t on, and instead talking about the fans having smiles on their faces.

Adolf Hitler masks are not really for the cricket, and if some dickhead does take one in, there was no reason to show the guy wearing it.

Luckily for the BCCi there are no Jewish players in the Ausralian side, but there are Jewish players in first class cricket, the Hebrew Hammer Michael Klinger.

What would have been better was if after the innings the Australian audience were sent back to the Sydney studios for Jon Moss, a Jewish ex shield cricketer who now does commentary for Foxsports.

These two might not have found it so funny to see a fan lapping up the attention of the camera crew while wearing a mask of someone who tried to exterminate their ancestors.

Someone who as largely responsible for about 70 million deaths. 11 million of those he signed the papers for himself.

Perhaps not someone that people want to hear described as having a smile on his face.

Here is the dickhead.

look at that pretty smile

I know that some Indians don’t always see the Holocaust as something that bad, but having your head up your ass isn’t a realistic defence in my mind.

Nimbus, will there be an apology to the jewish members of your audience, or those who just think that someone enjoying themselves in a hitler mask is in the shittest possible taste.

EDIT: I apologise to the BCCI, bccI and the BCCi for saying they were involved in this. I thought they owned the images and hired Nimbus to film them. That was incorrect.