Stephen Moore & why we have chosen to not like him

December 21, 2021

When the Stephen Moore’s agent released a press release selling his client like a iAlarm Clock that makes you breakfast I was pissed off.

I know agents are assholes, I have grown to accept this fact, but I don’t like the idea of agents trying to get reporters to push forward their players like that.

If Stephen Moore was good enough the selectors would have already known about him, selling him like a product just seemed wrong.

It seemed more wrong that his batting average for the year was about 30 at the time.

Now he has pissed me off twice in 3 months, and I have decided to put him on the list.

Moore has decided to leave Worcestershire using the relegation clause in his contract.

He is not the only player leaving, the young keeper Davies is also leaving, plus some old bowlers.

Davies was leaving, I assume, for financial and publicity reasons.

Davies averaged 40 with the bat and almost made a thousand runs for the year, on top of being a very handy keeper.

Moore finished the year averaging 27.


Twenty Seven.

If you leave the team at the end of the year because they have been relegated and you have had a good year that is something, but who do you think you are leaving a team when you have average 27 with the bat.

Your failures have to be at least part of the reason, along with the fact none of their bowlers took wickets, that your team was relegated.

In the promotion year Moore made 1400 runs at 55. I think the Worcestershire faithful would have expected alot more than an average of 27 from him this year.

Moores best innings of the year wasn’t even for Worcestershire, it was for the lions against Australia.

To me that shows a question to how much he ever wanted to represent Worcestershire in the first place.

Moore is another South African making his way in English county cricket, I have no idea if he is a mercenary, or just a kid who got his break here, but I don’t like his recent “form” and for that he goes on the list.