The Punch gets all Dean Jones on the Muslims

December 21, 2021

I was really worried that without Australia and India playing there would be no real racism in this Ashes, lucky for me Uncle Rupert’s new “blog” has stepped up:

“The question “Did the Poms cheat?” was perhaps put most succintly by mate Steve, watching the game online in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who inquired via text message in the final few overs this morning: “WHY IS THERE A MEMBER OF AL QAEDA HOLDING A F***ING GLOVE AND A FAT POM IN A TRACKSUIT OUT IN THE MIDDLE?” It’s a fair if offensively-crafted question, and one which is now on every Australian mind, none more so than Ricky Ponting.”

Who knew the quesion “Did the Poms cheat?” could be said most succintly by calling a Muslim a terrorist.

I hand’t even thought of that angle.

Otherwise I would have lead with the headline, “England cheat and use terror glover in their attack”.

Dean Jone’s does not write the for the Punch, but perhaps he should make a few calls.

We all know the real reason Australia didn’t win this match, and it has nothing to do with Muslim extremists, it is the IPL’s fault.