My team kicks ass

December 21, 2021

I considered picking the Dutch team for this world t20 thingy because Australia didn’t have the courtesy to at least put Dirty Dirk Nannes in their top 30 players.

Then Andrew Hilditch dissed Dirk, and it became obvious.

It wasn’t until his name was released for Netherlands that I stated I would be supporting the dutch, and not Hilditch’s ‘a’ team.

At that time i was following the Dutch purely out of spite.

I knew they wouldn’t win a match, and that Australia would do far better in the tournament.

Well fuck me with a sandwich maker, both teams have played one game, and Australia is winless, and the mighty dutch bastards have won.

Take that Australia.

And not only have the Dutch won a game, but they are now far more likely to go further into the tournament than Australia are.

Had Dirk had the misfortune to be selected for Australia, he might have to go home soon, but because he has been picked to play a real team, he might be over here for a bit longer.

Suck my balls Hilditch.