Drunken Artist

December 18, 2021

Roy was hated by many, and loved by few.

That was part of the appeal; everyone doesn’t love the best artists, otherwise Nick Cave would outsell NSYNC.

Roy was the Daniel Johnston of cricket.

While others fiddled, tweaked, over thought and planned their cricket, he just went with simple instinct.

Batsmen can often end up being nervous wrecks; all rounders have a certain freedom, and Roy used his handy bowling as an excuse to bat like a free spirited nudist.

His off spin and medium pace could be compared to Johnston’s music; it was there, but it wasn’t the reason you came, but when seen with Roy’s batting, which were the Johnston lyrics, the whole thing made sense.

Roy’s batting was straightforward, keep out the good ball, and hit the bad ball as hard as you can.

Some batsmen treat spinners like they are magicians bowling down a cricket ball hidden in a bowl of fruit, Symonds treated them like any other bowler.

He was fragile, like Johnston, usually not on the field, but off the field you feel he needed his tyres pumped more than most. , his potential was always there, but he needed someone to get it out of him.

Ricky became his cricketing daddy; without Ponting, Roy would never have made it.

Johnston has never been known as an intelligent man, and some say he isn’t even a genius, just an idiot that writes stupid pop lyrics. They may be right.

Roy could also be a brute that hit the ball so hard he got away with a career.

But I’d take 1 Roy before I’d take a bunch of Bells or Princes.

He brought colour to the game, and I like characters in my cricket, even the ones I don’t like.

I am not sure if Roy was a lucky bullying slogger or a simple batting genius, but fuck I liked having him around.

Why do I think we are the ones who lose out here, some lose a hero, some lose a villain, but we all lose someone different.

While I am sure Roy would hate Daniel Johnston’s music, but when I was writing this these lyrics kept coming back to me.

If I was a cricus man
Then I’d be a circus man
Only you could understand
All my life ahead of me
That’s the way it ought to be
Circus take me away
Yonder where I’ve been again
Then I’ll be back again
Be a brand new day