Which blog gets the book?

December 21, 2021

As part of the competition to win a signed copy of the year of the balls, I am giving a copy to the best blogging entry who can explain how cricket with balls is ruining cricket.

Leela tried hard by outing me as a feminist and champion of the female blogger, good try, but she got me confused with Germaine Greer.

Achettup made a good play for the book by promising to send it to Neil Harvey , but I cannot be bought.

Sach almost had me with the Lalit bagging, but the thought of me with testicles was enough to horrifying.

Sportsfreak try hard by mentioning the great poor taste Michael Slater jokes (only days before he put his foot in his mouth), alas then they bagged the book’s colour.

Q tries very hard by mentioning that I would lead any future cricket based mutiny, however it doubts the factual nature of my Ashes Facts. No book for Q.

Jonathan talks about the actual size of the balls on the cricket, which is nice, but it does lower the tone a bit.

And this winner is…..


Richard used Sehwagology, Scientology, Tom Cruise, Boogie Nights and the Ashes urn to give us a chilling dystopian vision.

Well done bloggers.

You are all winners in my eyes.

Only Richard gets the book though.

Thank you all for your entries.