Everybody Talkin’ Bout Gilly

December 22, 2021

IPLNot yet.

But they will.

You can already hear the foxsports reporters sharpening their pencils and and getting ready to talk about the magical Adam Gilchrist and his innings of mass destruction in the IPL.

There will be no talk of his dropped catch or missed byes.

They are no downers when we reflect on the glory days.

If Australia lose one game in the world twenty20 thingy there will be talk of how we should ask Gilly probably Hayden back into the side.

It won’t happen (because it is stupid), but just talking about it will keep the mouth breathers happy.

Gilchrists innings was amazing.

Nannes was taken apart, Sangwan was dismissed, Nehra was brought back to earth, and Sehwag was bent over and made to say ‘i do not believe in sehwagology’ as Gilly spanked that ass.

At one stage it looked like he was going to knock up a 30 ball hundred.

But he did drop a catch, and did miss some simple byes.

I may be the only Australian who will write that.

And if some young journalist with integrity tries to write it over at foxsports, the editor will take that line out quicker than you can say, “Scott Styris is a sex god”.

I love Gilly, but there is a reason he is retired, and a cameo, even one as sexy as this, shouldn’t change anything.