December 21, 2021

6 batsmen?

Six batsmen?

Half a dozen batsmen?

Is this a school carnival squad?

What are they thinking?

Have they not heard of form, injury and people failing on their first trip to the UK?

If Andrew Hilditch thinks that Shane Watson can bat “anywhere in the order” he should be put down.

And what if someone gets injured just after someone is dropped for form, will Watson and McDonald at 5 & 6 strike fear into the English team, or just the Australians who are watching them bat.

This ashes series takes about seventeen months surely one more batsman, and I’m talking a batsman, not an all rounder, would be the way to go.

And Nathan Hauritz?

He is not going to play a test unless Australia are two nil down and Lee can’t hit the pitch and Hilfy gets stage fright.

Don’t take a token spinner you don’t plan on playing, surely Bollinger, Geeves or Bracken would be more likely to win Australia a test match, even on a rank turner.

The worst thing about all this is, I knew it was likely to happen.

This is almost the squad I though they’d pick.

I assumed Symonds would go as the spare batsmen, and Watson as the all rounder.

They decided that Shane Watson was the spare batsman, and that Andrew McDonald would be the all rounder.

Good for them.