Eoin’s freakshot

December 18, 2021

Eoin Morgan just played the most amazing shot I have ever seen.

Doug Marillier and his scoop are out.

KP and the switch-hit look lame.

I am not sure what this one could even be called.

Essentially he set himself up for the reverse sweep, without changing his hand position or leg position.

As he went to sweep, with his right leg forward (he is a cack hander) and the ball was put down his leg side, which was now sort of his off side, and he obviously thought it was too much of a stretch to play the reverse sweep.

What happened next was pure freak show.

Morgan readjusted his shot and while still standing in this side on left foot forward stance, he played the ball to short fine leg with a backwards straight bat flick drive.

It only went for a single, but the fact that he played it, and did it like he was playing a normal shot was… something.

Geraint Jones wasn’t even watching where the ball went, he was just staring at Eoin like he had just seen a Giraffe dressed as a human whistling show tunes.

He middled a ball facing the wrong way with a straight bat.

This wasn’t a guide, scoop or deflection, all of which he does a lot, this was a reverse backwards wrist drive.

I doubt anyone else will play it, I can’t think of any player outside of Sachin Tendulkar who could.

You need wrists made of rubber, and an eye like Sachin’s to even think of playing it.

I also assume it helps if you are 130* at the time.

Robert Croft described it as something you would pay a tenner to see it at a circus.

Fair call.

EDIT: Lauren has alerted us to it on youtube (already?)