December 21, 2021

It was bound to happen.

You need to be a cold blooded animal to not fall in love with Dirty Dirk Nannes.

The man is all raucous masculinity, a puffing, screaming, bowling beast who gives his all with out really knowing what the outcome will be.

What’s not to love?

He may have started slowly in the IPL, but once the big fella got warmed up his first 5 wickets were Kallis, Gilchrist, Gibbs, Oram and Dhoni.

How about hanging those heads up on the wall.

Sehwag has said this about his hirsute behemoth,

“He is the fastest bowler I have played against.”

Our god is so awestruck he doesn’t even realise he hasn’t played against Dirk yet.

The IPL commentators started off not seeming to know anything about him other than he was fast.

Blewett was quick to bag any wide ball or flaw, others said he was a failed experiment, but now they are lining up to get on their knees in front of him.

Nicholas can’t stop mentioning how Dirk bowls quicker than the speed gun, or that he is good enough to play for Australia in any form of cricket.

The others keep saying he must be close to Australian selection, something that the 30 man twenty20 squad seems to argue with.

Every day there seems to be more and more about him in the Indian press, even if it all appears to be roughly the same article edited a different way.

Dirk is lovin’ the media attention, this is what he has had to say.

“I’d fall asleep on the weekend on the couch in the afternoon watching Curtly Ambrose steaming in, Malcolm Marshall and Joel Garner, all those guys, yeah, I looked up to the West Indies pace attack.”

“I never had any real aspirations to play international cricket, I just kind of fell into it. I always played in the backyard with my brother, but I was in the thirds at school and in the thirds at my club side,”

“I will tell me grandchildren that I was responsible for keeping out the greatest fast bowler of all times of a playing XI”

Love live Dirty Dirk.