I am not the fake IPL player

December 21, 2021


Yet I still get emails and the odd comments asking, and or suggesting.

Most of you would have already guessed this, as I’m not Indian. Do you have any idea how much work would be required to be an Australian and make it feel like it was Indian. Way more than I could be bothered.

I also have no contacts inside Kolkata, Mott and Hodge aren’t mates of mine (even with their Victorian connections), and the rest of the Kolkata Australians are from New Texas (QLD), so doubtful they would feed me any information.

Also if it were me, there would be way more bagging of Sourav Ganguly and Brad Hodge, WAY MORE.

I can understand the similarities, the focus on sex, the nicknames, and the complete lack of respect for wankers.

But really, I can’t be bothered with all that work for another blog, for a book, well maybe.