December 18, 2021

The correct answer to that is much less than Rahul Dravid makes.

That is not the answer Shah Ruh Khan wants to hear though.

He is reportedly trying to sell off his share in his blingy failure.

Ditch and run, son.

Can’t blame him, while the business side of Kolkata Knight Riders seems to be working ok (although their merchandise section on the blog is not working, I want a KKR head band god damnit), his nack for running a sporting team seems to be on par with George W Bush.

Kolkata have more coaches than players, they have a head coach, and a header coach.

They spent 600 grand on a bloke they don’t play.

Murali Kartik couldn’t get a game until they were finished.

Dropping Sourav as captain made sense on last years form, but it seems to have sapped the life out of the franchise.

And Prince Brendon doesn’t have the ego to take over a team with the Giant Alien Lizard in it.

Throw in the fact that SRK was starting to resemble a dildo, and you can’t blame him for leaving.

I am prepared to make an offer for the franchise, SRK, I will give you one used spoon for the team.

It may be your best offer.