The fake IPL player revealed, it is Harsha Bhogle

December 18, 2021

It’s obvious isn’t it?

After years of licking at the anal passage of Indian cricket, Bhogle just thought fuck it.

Those rude millionaire cricketers, and Johnny come lately Bollywood clowns have been cashing in on the IPL like it’s their personal Orgy, while Harsha has to sound like he takes it serious.

So Bhogle just bogarted their tournament with the truth in blog form.

Harsha knows the media, man, he is the media, he milked this shit for all its worth.

When I confronted him with my theory he said this,

“Fuck Lalit, SRK and all those molly coddled bastards, yes I am he, I am the Fake IPL Player, bow down at my magnificence you cock suckers.”

Personally I can’t believe I was the first one to work this out, I mean the fakester has all the hallmarks of Bhogle.

A sly humour with sexual overtones.

A cunning tongue that slams down at the opulence of the rich and pampered.

And a chip on his shoulder of a man who believes his talent and brain are worth as much or more than some idiot who can cover drive.

It was about time Harsha snapped back, you can only spent so much time at the feet of Gods before you get the urge to piss on their toes.

Harsha, you fake IPL mother fucker, we salute you.