This is not the Fake IPL Player

December 21, 2021

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That is my disclaimer.

‘Cause if i wrote, ‘the IPL Fake player revealed’ that would get me in trouble.

So this is definitely not the fake IPL cricketer.

His name is Sanjib Sanyal and Ankit, of, believes that if the Fake IPL Player has never lied, doubtful, this could be the man.

Look into his eyes, does he look fake

As the faker said in his last blog”Has it occurred to anyone that I might have described myself incorrectly to hide my identity?”

So it isn’t this guy. But keep your guesses coming in.

It also isn’t Brad Hodge, as there has not been one post where he has said, that Brad Hodge is a champion.

I sort of hope we never know who he is, so he can keep writing, and not be burnt alive by Gilly and SRK fans.

Whoever the fake IPl player is, I owe him a beer, he has doubled my hits.