December 18, 2021

For the latest developments in the Fake IPL Player Saga click here.

The blog that ever IPL fan is reading has just put up an interesting disclaimer.

Someone who guys by the name fake, has said this is a fake blog.

Work that out.

This is it:

All characters appearing in this work (blog) are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.”

Whether he plays in the IPL or not we know he has seen alot of American films and TV.

Meanwhile Q @ well pitched has alerted us to the KKR’s response.

“There is a blog spot which a team member showed me this morning which purports to be from a member of the KKR entourage. Poison pen writing of the dirtiest variety, but far too many factual errors. Who ever it is out there is obviously very sick, perverted and has far too little information or insight to successfully pretend to be a part of us.”

I am using the Martin Crowe rule on this, before I had no real reason to think it was a player, even if people I respect tried to tell me it was.

A blog that has just started is being denounced publicly and I am starting to think that maybe there is a touch of truth to it.

On twitter, facebook, and myspace there are people reptending to be pretty much everyone, and how often do you hear people come out and denoucne them.