December 18, 2021

Somehow I missed this when it was first talked about, but KP bagged Shiv for “playing for himself”.

Not with himself.

On that subject KP said, “we all do it, it’s natural, and look how good my eyesight is”.

Chris Gayle has come out and backed his Shiv.

But how many of us haven’t thought the same thing?

When Chris Gayle and Ramneresh Sarwan were injured in South Africa, Dwayne Bravo took over as captain.

How many complete fucken shit cunts have batted at 4, and sometimes 3, while Shiv sits on his throne at 5?

Would other batsmen retire in a first class innings so they can go and get an award?

And have you seen him bat with the tail, I am sure I am not the only one who thinks he cares more about red ink than getting the most out of them.

Plus he puts tape on his face, and that is stupid.

We all respect Shiv as a batsmen, the man is harder to get out than an Alabama tick.

But he doesn’t look like a team player.

In one of the tests against England, he couldn’t field because he was injured, well he could field, for short spells, but he couldn’t really move much, then he came out to bat, and didn’t use a runner.

I’m all for pointing at KP and laughing, but as good as Shiv is, and he is good, there is no doubt that there have been far more selfless players international cricket.

That said he has had to carry this useless mob for a few years now, it’s bound to eat at you until you think, “fuck em, I’m here for me and mine”.

For instance if i’d been carrying the team for years, and a tailender asked me how to bat, I’d tell him, “I don’t know idiot, just bat and bat and bat.”

Talking of KP, after he called Shiv selfish, why didn’t the journalist ask him if he was planning on moving up the order to 3 any time soon?