December 21, 2021

First 18 tests, averaged 86.

Next 19 tests, averaged 34.

Do 18 tests prove you are a test player, or can you just have a good run before people work you out?

Did Hussey ever have the class?

Is he in a slump?

One of those cricket myths you always here about is how Michael Hussey was knocking on the door of the Australian team for 10 years.

It’s complete horseshit.

In 00/01 he averaged 30.25 for WA.

For 01/02 he jumped that up to 34.50.

Not to forget 02/03 where he averaged 38.12.

Finally he broke the shackles and moved all the way to 41.81.

Every winter he would trot off to England and murder county attacks, like Cameron White did.

He wasn’t knocking on too many doors at this stage in his career.

At this stage he was struggling to keep his position in the blue chip Western Australian line up.

Now he is back in a funk, and for some reason he is being protected.


Sure he had a brilliant 18 tests, and they happened to be his first 18.

But since then he has been ordinary.

Matthew Hayden had 6 years on top of the world, that gets you leeway with the selectors.

18 tests can be easily played in 18 months these days, surely that shouldn’t buy you as much.

Hussey’s slump is now longer than his golden run.

Fuck the mathematics, something has to give.

Pick Ferguson as a back up, pick his brother as a replacement, but i called for someone to be picked in Australia, and still nothing has been done.

Can any team carry a batsman for 5 tests based on a golden run that ended in 2007?