December 21, 2021

In the women’s world cup England have a quick by the name of Jenny Gunn.

She has a eyesore of an action.

It does appear like the most blatant chuck ever from behind.

From front on it looks a little more legal.

On the side you tend to think chuck again.

When Gunn played for Western Australia this year she was reported for throwing.

According to the Cricket Australia analysis, none of her deliveries were under the 15% rule.

Gunn appealed it, the hearing was due for after the world cup.

Then during the world cup she was reported again.

This game was not televised, so the footage of another world cup game was shown to the man that originally cleared her action, and he decided she was still within 15%.

He didn’t test her action in a machine like Cricket Australia did, he watched her play on TV, and decided she was fine.

Apparently that is enough.

Very soon Jenny Gunn will play in the world cup final.

Say what you want about the ICC, but they fuck up with more consistently than most.