December 21, 2021

Hello kiddies! Our names are Kiki and Sassy. We are best friends/hetero life mates from Sydney. That’s Kiki with the pigtails, and Sassy is the one rocking the fro. No, it’s not a wig. She is a genetic mystery, don’t question it.

This is what Cricket Australia thinks cricket fans want.

What other game gives you an excuse to park yourself on the lounge for five days straight? It’s genius. We love all of cricket’s adorable little quirks. Like the umpires in their wide-brimmed hats and Madonna microphones, and the fact the way they graciously hold a players jumper while he’s bowling. It’s so … courteous.

Anyway, we are tres excited to be here with our heads up on cricket.com.au. It’s all green and yellow and Australian. It’s almost like being e-selected for the Aussie cricket team. Yes people, we now share an employer with Mister Ricky Ponting. We are assuming our baggy greens are in the mail.

This is proof of the apocalypse.

If you want to go over and look at the whole post, look at the comments as well.

They are clearly faked.


Posted by Tracey at
12/03/2009 10:41 AM
I don’t know much about cricket, but hearing about it from your point of view has definintely made it seem fun. Not only are you hilarious, but you are great teachers too…I think this might actually get me interested in cricket!

Someone please burn me alive, and then piss on my ashes.